Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sully turns ONE!

Little man turned one on March 14th, and we had a wild rumpus to celebrate Here are some pictures from the party.  I picked a theme and started planning months in advance.  I had a mini dessert table, cucpakes, and bbq.  For activities we had an arts and crafts table where the kiddos decorated gold crowns, pin the tail on Max, and a pinata.  Everyone had a great time!!  The crafts and spray paint started to drive my husband a little nuts, but in the end he said I did an excellent job.
The dessert table

                                                            Cupcakes by Cakes to Die For
                                                                       Cakes to Die For
                                                         Invitation from PartyMamma on Etsy
Spray painted wine bottles and tissue poms for the centerpieces.  I used this tutorial from Ruffled Blog.  The only problem I had it was a little chilly and windy when I was spray painting. At first I only did chocolate brown, but my husband suggested I do some grey and it turned out great!
Pin the tail on Max. I copied the image from a Wild Things party on Party Perfect.


Puzzles are from by  Mudpuppy.  I got them on sale from Mama Bargains.

The birthday boy!

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