Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 for 2

Mr. and I had another successful dinner at home this week.  I know what you are thinking; Mrs. O only has to cook one day hard is that?? Well, when your husband works in a restaurant 6 days a week the last thing he wants to do is cook and clean up afterwards.  Mr. O and I love Greek food! We love the flavors and there is something about Greek food that is refreshing.  After a couple minutes of deliberation we decided to make Greek meatballs and serve them with pita and homemade tzatkizi.  This week I adapted Gina's Skinny Taste meatballs.  We substituted ground beef for ground turkey, and left out the zucchini.  I made the meatballs a bit larger, so after I cooked them in the frying pan, I finished them off in the oven just to make sure they were cooked thoroughly.  I also made tzatkizi to accompany the meatballs.  The tzatkizi recipe is something that I have come up with on my own.  The recipe is all follows:

-1 cup Greek style yogurt
-Half of a peeled cucumber, diced with seeds taken out
-Juice from half of a lemon
-3 sprigs of fresh Dill, I like a little extra dill
-1 tsp. of Kosher salt
-Mix ingredients together and refrigerate until ready to serve

This dinner is perfect for the warmer weather that is upon us.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of our fabulous Greek feast.  I hope to keep the streak going next week. 


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  2. This sounds good! And it seems easy enough for me to make... I may have to try it! Thanks fo sharing...

    New follower from the bloghop, please stop on by..