Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Egg Wreath

Good Morning!! All is quiet on this Saturday morning as Mr. O and Sully are snuggled on the couch.  Last week I was in A.C. Moore with my mom getting some Easter decorations and saw a huge bin of plastic Easter eggs.  I thought to myself there must be something I can do with these things.  As we made our way through the store, it came to about an Easter egg wreath!  I thought it would be such a fun and cheery way to put those plastic Easter eggs to use. 

-Hot glue gun
-Foam wreath
-Plastic Easter Eggs, I used 4 bags of 12, it depends on how big your wreath is

I had my materials and I was all ready to start gluing.  At first I arranged my eggs like this:

I soon realized that this wasn't turning out to my liking, so I took off the eggs and started again.  Ok, so here we go again.  Rather than going all around at once, I glued the eggs by clusters.  I glued the eggs as close as I could to each other.  The wreath was starting to take shape.

Ah, much better.  Just make sure that when you glue the eggs that they are closed.  Also, I only glued eggs on the inner and outer edges leaving the back bare.  Almost there.....

And the finished product!! I couldn't be happier with how the wreath turned out.  When it comes to decorating for holidays I tend to go more the classic and simple route.   So this wreath is a breath of fresh air for our door.  I was thinking that it may look elegant spray painted white, with some lavender tucked in-between the eggs.  But for now plastic Easter egg wreath will remain bright and cheery!  Have you all brought out the Easter decorations yet?

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