Thursday, April 21, 2011

DC Photo Tour

For Valentine’s Day Mr. O got me a Photo Tour of DC.  I decided to use it a couple of weeks ago when the cherry blossoms were at their peak bloom.  I took about 350 photos during the tour!  It has taken me two weeks to edit all of my top-rated photos.  I learned so much useful information and tricks during the tour.  I would highly recommend a photo walking tour if you are traveling to a new city.  The photo tours are comprised of smaller groups, my tour was myself and four other people.  There was a family from Minnesota and a man who also lived in the DC suburbs.  In addition to getting a tour of a city you will also get great photographs of your trip.  No one has to have a fancy camera to sign up for a photo tour.  I was the only one in my group with a DSLR camera, and my guide still gave everyone the same amount of knowledge.  After we made our way around the Tidal Basin my guide asked if I wanted to continue around the FDR Memorial.  Are you kidding me????? Myself and one guy decided to continue and it was so worth it.  We ended up going on for another hour.  I got some great shots and learned some great techniques.  Overall it was a great experience and I will definitely look into doing a photo tour if Mr. O and I are traveling to a new destination.  Below are some of my favorite shots.

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